LED Strobe Lights Enhance Halloween Spectacles

If you want the blood to be pumping and the hearts of little kids playing staccato, the use of LED strobe lights can add a whole new dimension to your Halloween celebration this year. Often used in commercial and professional haunted houses, LED strobe lights can also be used quite effectively inside your house or in your front yard.

If you choose to go in this direction in order to bring out the scare in your trick-or-treating visitors, it’s important that you do a little research and figure out the best uses of LED strobe lights to enhance other features in your display. If used poorly, you will be mocked relentlessly by teenagers who were born when you were already driving to work every morning and had a mortgage to pay. If done rightly, even the sad but sardonic, pimple-faced trick-or-treating eighteen and nineteen year old teens will be impressed with your horror-themed spectacle.

You can spend twenty dollars or hundreds of dollars on LED strobe lights. It’s really up to you and how important Halloween is to you, or whether you want a presentation that truly kicks up a round of heartfelt shrieks that fill your ears like applause, or if you want even the little kids laughing at you. If you don’t mind a scene that is dreadful rather than inciting dread, you can get LED strobe lights for about twenty bucks.

LED strobe lights can be used in numerous ways. You may want to use them to enhance an eerie or grisly scene. You might create a realistic car accident scene with red lights flashing and lifelike injured and dead people littered across your front lawn, and then hand out pamphlets on the dangers of drunk driving. Better ideas include graveyard scenes or science fiction scenarios a la “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, where lighting can illuminate just enough to make it creepy. Strobe lights inside of an artificial carvable pumpkin can be very effective as well.

Some people are even satisfied with pointing their strobe lights up at surrounding trees to illuminate the whole area because it will look as though the trees are moving and create an odd, disorienting and spooky ambiance for young trick-or-treaters.

Whatever you plan to do, it is important to make sure you know how to protect yourself or any visitors from electrocution by following safety procedures. Cords should be completely hidden from view and not located where people might stumble or trip on them, and you should not use it if it is frayed or stripped.

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