Preventive Maintenance Tips Before You Hire An Air Conditioning Contractor

You might experience air conditioning problems because of faulty installation, poor maintenance and poor servicing. Thus it is very important to have the installation done by an efficient air conditioning contractor in the first place. This will ensure that the system performs efficiently and 50% of energy wastage can be saved. Nevertheless, before you call in a professional air conditioning contractor to inspect your system and carry out necessary maintenance and repair procedures, you need to follow certain preventive guidelines to keep your air conditioning system working optimally. Professional servicing along with following these tips will save you a lot of time, energy and money in the long run.

  • Change the return air filter at regular intervals. You can do this once or twice every couple of months. Free flowing of air is crucial to the proper functioning of the unit. So ensure that there are no obstructions and the filter is changed as per the manufacturer’s indications. 
  • Keep the duct system clear of any objects placed beside or stacked on it. The duct system works to supply conditioned air to the room and it can get weak or damaged if objects are piled on it. This can also cause restriction of the air flow.
  • Make sure the condensate pipe is unclogged and clean at all times. Your floor, carpets or walls can get damaged if the draining system is blocked or leaky. You can keep the drainage line clean by using condensate drain line tablets.
  • Just like the duct system even the furnace and air handler must be devoid of any clutter. Your attic or mechanical closet must be checked for objects leaning on the air handler. Keep all items at least 3 feet away from all sides of the furnace and air handler. When the system functions it vibrates, and if things accidentally fall on it because of the vibration it can get damaged or even break. 
  • Check the thermostat batteries and replace them at least twice a year.

Air conditioning contractors will inspect all of the above mentioned points and conduct even deeper scrutiny of you cooling system. They will take apart the unit and thoroughly clean it from the inside and outside. Grass clippings, debris and dust can cause a lot of harm if left to accumulate on the exterior unit. So get professional maintenance and servicing done by qualified and knowledgeable air conditioning contractors. Cabell County in West Virginia has many good companies you can contact to compare services and prices.


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