Scheduling Drain Cleaning Service When Other Methods Don’t Work

Sluggish drains occur for many reasons. Household residents often can resolve the problem with the correct plunger. If this doesn’t work, professional drain cleaning services in St. Louis may become necessary before the pipe is totally blocked. Plumbers discourage the use of harsh drain-cleaning chemicals because they can damage pipes and release toxic fumes into the home.


A sink plunger looks like a toilet plunger, except it has a much shorter handle. Sink models always have a traditional flat bottom, whereas some toilet plungers have an extended flange to more effectively curve inside the bowl. Sink plungers should also be used in showers and bathtubs. Calling a plumber is advisable when plunging is ineffective.

Preventive Methods

The need for professional drain cleaning services in St. Louis often can be prevented by being more careful. For example, dumping cooking oil down the kitchen sink drain can cause a clog if the liquid congeals inside the pipe. Greasy pans should be wiped off instead of being rinsed under the faucet.

Only thin liquids and cleaning substances should go down sink drains. The exception is baking soda, which dissolves and helps eliminate odors.

Placing strainers over the bathtub and shower drains prevents hair from accumulating and causing a clog. If anyone washes hair in a sink, a strainer should be placed there as well.

Concluding Thoughts

Slow-draining and clogged drains are not inevitable. With preventive measures, people usually can avoid the need for professional drain cleaning service. When they do need help, however, plumbers are ready to solve the problem. Homeowners can find contact details by visiting Classic Aire Care website now.

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