The Significance of Mold Inspection, Removal and Remediation

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Mold Removal

Not all kinds of molds can be considered hazardous to health. Molds are actually plant-like organisms that can grow both indoors and outdoors. There are molds that are used in the manufacturing processes of many products for mankind. Molds can grow inside a home where there is moisture and, oftentimes, they can be detected by their musky odor. They can grow so fast that even the non-toxic types tend to become a critical problem. The first step that should be undertaken is to make a prompt call to Mold Inspection companies in Ashburn VA since molds can grow in places that are not exactly visible to the human eyes. You can smell their presence but you cannot easily detect where they are multiplying without the equipment of the professionals.

The most likely places where there is mold growth are the areas where there is moisture as well as little or no presence of sunlight or ventilation. These areas must have experienced leaks, moisture and humidity which if left untreated is a potential area for mold infestation. Professionals estimate that it only takes about 24 to 48 hours for mold growth and it is through a Mold Inspection from Ashburn VA that the growth can be controlled immediately. For this reason even a small leak on the pipes or crack on the roof must be provided with immediate attention.

An individual who inspects the mold growth should be properly experienced and knowledgeable with personal protective equipment to remove health risks. Mold Inspectors are licensed and bonded before they can undertake the process of mold remediation. Below are the standard steps which they will accomplish before dealing with mold removal.

* An investigation of past problems of moisture and mold growth due to water damages that the home has been exposed to.

* Swab and air samples will be taken in the home environment.

* The samples taken will be brought for testing and identification through a certified laboratory

* As property owner, you will be advised on how they will proceed with the process of mold remediation

* Possessions that have been exposed to mold growth will be removed and cleaned. This process includes carpets that need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly before being returned to the house.

* The mold removal process requires modern equipment and products to guarantee that the home will become mold-free.

* Other belongings like furniture and fixtures will be cleaned and sanitized after moisture and molds have totally been removed.

* Sources of moisture will be checked and repaired properly to see to it that the water leaks are prevented from recurring.

Molds are health risks which require their immediate removal from the basements and attics which are the areas prone to mold growth. Family members may suffer from allergies and skin infections during the mold removal hence they need to be relocated to a safe place while the professionals are carrying out their jobs. Mold removal should always be done by professionals who are knowledgeable of the right procedures to remove all risks; otherwise, you might be welcoming another potential mold growth. Click here for more details.

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