Tips On Maintaining Water Heaters In Spring

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Home and Garden

As homeowners, your house requires a lot of maintenance.  It might even be more than you ever expected.  It is very tempting to put off the maintenance of things that do not seem to need it.  Your lawn needs tending or soon your home looks like an abandoned shack;  your light bulbs need to be changed; your air conditioning needs to be started and stopped every year as the seasonal weather comes and goes, and so on and so on.  But you may not have known that water heaters in Spring also need maintenance because they just sit in your basement and chug out hot water.  Until, suddenly, they don’t.

Fortunately, the maintenance does not have to happen very often and it is not extremely difficult either, not compared to all of the other tasks you do around your home.  With a little forethought and knowledge it takes just a few minutes of work and suddenly you can feel like  you accomplished something really great for your home and take the rest of the afternoon off to watch the game on television.   You actually have to do this same sort of maintenance whether you have a regular water heater that holds water in a large tank until needed or if you have a tankless water heater.  This maintenance basically consists of cleaning out the hard water chemicals and other debris that lurks in your water (and yes, even if you have soft water you need to do this, although you might want to check with your plumber).

If you have regular tank-style water heaters in Spring in your home, then they need to be drained approximately once a year, so pick a date your are likely to remember and do it every year around that date.  To do this, you need to know where your water heater is, how to turn off the water to it, and how to attach a small portion of garden hose to the faucet at the bottom.  Yes, that is what that faucet is for.  Simply turn off the water supply, attach your hose fragment and direct the other end to the drain that is located nearby, and open the faucet.  All the hot water will pour out of the hose taking most of the sediment that has accumulated over the year with it.

With tankless water heaters in Spring, you need to clean the intake screens because they collect sediment and then become blocked.  This is definitely something  you would want to find out more about from the instructions that came with your water heater since each one is a little different and although this is still quick, it is a little more complicated.

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