Becoming a “Smile Coach”

There is very little that’s more powerful or more fulfilling than being able to get someone else to smile. It’s even better when you can help the person you’re working with develop the tools they need to smile and laugh every single day. Once you do that you will know that you have done something that hasn’t just improved the overall quality of life for one person. You will also know that in some small way, you have helped change the world. One of the best ways that you can do this on a regular basis is by becoming a smile coach.

You should know that not everyone is cut out of this type of career. Everyone can learn to smile, and most people can make at least one or two people smile on a regular basis, but in order to be a truly great smile coach, you need to be able to look at a person, even someone you have never met before, immediately establish a strong connection.  If you don’t have that ability, you shouldn’t immediately assume that you can’t become a smile coach, you still can, you’ll just have to develop better people skills all the time. Keep in mind that the faster you can connect with a person, the more time you will have to alter the way that they feel about themselves and how they perceive the world. Most smile coaches become laughter therapists who need to have a degree in psychology.

If you’re serious about becoming a smile coach or a laughter therapist, you need to find someone who is already working in this field who is willing to take you under their wing. You should plan on interning with this person. Not only will interning with the laughter therapist teach you the ins and outs of how you can use motivational speeches to help  improve the way an audience feels about themselves, but you will also find that you can use this time to start making connections and contacts. Keep in mind that the field of motivational speaking runs on networking. The more popular and well liked your mentor is, the more contacts you will make.

While you are interning with an already established smile coach, you will also want to start doing the legwork to become a certified speaking professional. In order to be recognized by the National Speakers Association which is the group many corporations turn to when they need a speaker. You will have to spend a specific number of hours speaking in front of groups, collect outstanding reviews from satisfied clients, and keep up on continuing education. Becoming a NSA certified speaking professional isn’t easy, but it will go a long way towards furthering your career as a smile coach.?

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