What To Expect At Your First Visit To An Orlando, FL, Medical Marijuana Doctor

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Healthcare

Patients in Orlando, FL, with qualifying medical or psychological conditions need to obtain a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana from a specially trained and state-approved medical marijuana doctor.

Choosing an MMJ doctor in the city of Orlando, FL, makes it convenient to return for a visit with the doctor every seven months to remain active on the state registry. These visits are recommended for the use of medical marijuana.


Completing a pre-qualification questionnaire for an MMJ card provides information on the conditions recognized by Florida for the use of medical marijuana. It is important to note that other conditions “of the same kind and class” may also qualify.

After completing the form, scheduling an appointment with the MMJ doctor is the next step. Patients must have intake forms and required information submitted at least 24-hours before the appointment.

At the Appointment

At the appointment, the patient has a face-to-face meeting with the medical marijuana doctor. The appointment consists of a brief review of the qualifying conditions, medical history, and talking to the doctor about any concerns you may have with the use of medical marijuana.

All medical marijuana doctors complete specialized training to be able to make the recommendation for medical marijuana. In addition, they are knowledgeable on the state laws governing MMJ and the use of medical marijuana to manage a wide range of medical and psychological conditions.

After the appointment, if the patient qualifies for the recommendation, the doctor enters the patient information into the state registry. The patient then receives an email with a link to pay the fee and complete the MMJ card application. A temporary card is sent by email, with the final card to arrive in about ten days by mail.

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