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It is always a sad situation when a family is forced apart due to family violence and abuse.  This is never a situation that anyone should have to deal with yet on a daily basis, it is a reality for many people.  It is not always men as the abusers but sometimes can be women who perform the abuse.  Regardless of who is abusing, it is necessary to get away from the situation and ensure your children are safe.  You may need to hire divorce attorneys in Oceanside to help you through the process.  This will not be a normal proceeding in court as your safety is at risk.

When you begin the proceedings, you will need to inform the court and those involved that you are involved with family violence.  This will ensure the records of your address, work information, and even your personal information will be kept confidential from the offending party.  It is important that you are up front and honest with divorce attorneys in Oceanside so they can help you.  If they don’t know your situation, they cannot take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and that of your children as well.

Hiring divorce attorneys in Oceanside will help you with the court proceedings.  You may not need to be present if your partner will be there or if you do, the attorneys can keep the hearings civil.  The judge and court officers will do their best to ensure your safety while you are in court.  There are many precautions the courts now take in order to protect those who are testifying and those who need protection from a harmful party.  Not only will the courts be able to help you with the proper information, they can give you the chance to move away if necessary.  Many times in a family court hearing with children and custody issues involved, you may not be allowed to move more than a certain number of miles away.  Yet in situations where there is abuse and other violence, the judge can grant you the ability to move away and not have to alert the other parent.  This can give you peace of mind when are ready to make the move that you can leave behind the violence in your past.  You and your children can have a fresh start.

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