3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Cannabis Grow Facility

As the number of states legalizing recreational cannabis continues to grow, the opportunities for moving into the market also increase. Growing cannabis through small and large scale facilities can be a lucrative opportunity, but there are challenges and potential mistakes that can result in delays in operation, ongoing cost issues, or even the need to revamp the entire process to comply with specific industry requirements.

Three common mistakes that those new to the industry make when planning a new cannabis grow facility are also easy to avoid.

Mistake 1: Not Researching the Current Laws and Regulations

Federal, state, and local laws and regulations around cannabis grow facility locations, operations, and safety considerations are constantly changing. It is essential to ensure that your plans include the most up-to-date research on local and state bylaws and zoning information to ensure the facility can be inspected and approved for operation.

Mistake 2: Not Using a Specialized Cannabis Grow Facility Consultant

In the early days of the industry, it was difficult for prospective owners and operators of grow facilities to find professional help from engineers familiar with all aspects of the cannabis industry. This is no longer the case and working with these companies early in the process prevents the problems that cost money.

Mistake 3: Making Incorrect Strategic Decisions

There are strategic decisions that have to be made for any cannabis grow facility. Location, equipment choices, safety procedures, and even the size of the facility all need to be carefully considered before the first step in the construction process. Rushing into building the facility increases the risk of additional renovations and costs later on in operation.

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