3 Facts You Should Know About Dental Implants

There’s a lot to be said for getting dental implants Chicago rather than choosing dentures. If you will need to make a decision soon, it pays to talk with your dental professional and learn more about this option. Some of what you hear will be brand new. Here are three facts about implants that not everyone knows.

There is More Than One Kind of Implant

Your dentist will talk with you about all forms of implants. You are probably familiar with the individual type and already know that it can take quite some time to replace each tooth. What you may not know is there is another approach to dental implants Chicago that require much less time.

The All on Four solution involves inserting four implants into the upper or lower gum. A custom-designed dental plate that looks just like a perfect upper or lower set of teeth is attached to those four implants. The process can be repeated for each gum, leaving you with what looks like a full set of healthy teeth.

The great thing about this approach is it can all be done in a day. If you don’t come in ahead of time to be measured for the custom plates, the dental team can provide a temporary set. You’ll come back in a few days and have the custom ones attached.

You May Need Some Dental Work Before Receiving Implants

Implants do require healthy bone in order to remain in place. If your bone density is weakened, there are procedures that will help provide a more stable environment for your implants. After your dentist checks the condition of the bone, the two of you can discuss procedures that will add strength and stability to the gums and the underlying bone. After you heal from those procedures, it’s possible to move on to receiving the implants.

You’ll Still Need to See Your Dentist Regularly

Getting dental implants Chicago does not mean you never see the dentist again. Plan on annual dental exams and even coming in a few times each year for cleanings. That makes it possible to check the gums and the condition of the caps. If there is any issue that needs correcting, it can be done quickly before the issue can create serious problems.

Are dental implants right for you? The team at Chicago Smile Design can arrange a dental exam and provide some helpful suggestions. Call today or visit https://www.chicagosmiledesign.com/ to schedule your exam. In less time that you thought possible, your smile will be just as beautiful as it was way back when.

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