5 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company

It can be overwhelming to take on responsibility for all of the maintaining and upkeep involved in real estate properties.  For many investors, an ideal solution is to hire a property management company.  Fairfield property managers have the experience and knowledge to properly oversee your rental properties, screen tenants, collect rent, and deal with all the daily tasks of running rental units.  There are a number of reasons to hire a management team.

1 – Local Knowledge
Professional property managers have in-depth knowledge of neighborhood values throughout the Greater Fairfield area.  They know what a fair price is to charge tenants for rent to attract only the best tenants to reside in your rental units.

2 – Tenant Screening
If you want responsible tenants who will not damage your home and will pay rent on time each month, trust a property management company.  Fairfield property managers put potential tenants through a rigorous screening and application process, including full background checks and credit checks to ensure the tenant is a good fit.

3 – Inspection Reports
Rental unit inspections are an essential part of running rental units.  Not only will inspectors be able to find any damage done to the rental unit, but they can also help to promptly resolve any problems before they become worse and more costly.

4 – Security Deposits
Property managers know how to manage your security deposit escrow funds to ensure you are in full compliance with state and local laws and regulations.  Potential tenants often find that having their funds held in a third party’s account is a more comfortable option for them.

5 – Emergency Calls
Unless you want to deal with round-the-clock tenant complaints or emergency calls, it’s best to leave your investment in the hands of a professional property management company Fairfield.  They will be the buffer between you and the tenant, while taking care of all calls from tenants.

With more than 25 years of experience, Real Property Management has become a trusted leader in the property management industry.  Their location in Greater Fairfield caters to Fairfield and New Haven Counties, providing superior service and the highest return on your investments.

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