A Bibliography Maker Takes the Anxiety Out of Listing Resources

Writing a school or research paper can be hard, really hard. For many the worst part is getting the entire paper written, double checking all the facts, and making sure it’s polished, only to find the bibliography needs to be attached. Some students hope to avoid this last minute moment of despair by trying to create the bibliography as they go, the theory being that the only thing they have to do at the end will be attaching it to their document and handing in the paper. This often seems like a fine idea until the student gets half way through the paper and realizes half of the resources they have taken the time to add to their bibliography won’t actually be used in the final paper, forcing the student to go back and try to figure out which resources need to be removed, and which they can keep. The amount of time this requires really adds up.

Creating a list of all the resources you used while writing your paper and making sure they’re in the proper ALA or Chicago format often turns out to be one of those things that seems like it will be easy until the time to create the list is upon the student. That’s when they learn keeping track of all the books, papers, websites, and articles, can actually be very difficult. A bibliography maker can make the entire process less time consuming and less stressful, something every student will quickly learn to appreciate.

There’s two different formats used for papers. Some professors prefer working with the Chicago format, others favor the APA Style format. Learning each format generally isn’t difficult, but remembering the differences between the two, especially after student has been up all night writing their paper can be difficult. An automated bibliography maker means the student will never have to worry they used one format when they should have used the other. They just have to make sure they provided the bibliography maker with the right information, after that, the program will take care of everything.

Most students assume list of references they use doesn’t actually matter, that the professor won’t look at it. While it’s possible the professor won’t, most do. Not only do they want to make sure all the references have been noted, but they will also want to make sure the student used the proper format. Depending on the professor, a small mistake can have a massive impact on the students final grade. A bibliography maker takes the list of resources the student uses, and organizes them, making sure every single resource has been properly formatted. As a result, the student will know their grade was based entirely on the information included in the body of the term paper.

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