A Book Writer That Analyzes The Dreams Of Pregnant Women

It is well-documented fact that pregnant women have vivid dreams, and that they dream more during pregnancy than any other time in their life. These dreams will usually be related to the trimester of pregnancy the expectant mother is in, and other things that may be going on in her body. Why this so has not been clearly identified, but there is a Book Writer, who is a contributing author in books that tells all about her experiences with pregnant women. She has been a sonographer for over three decades and also a prophetic dreamer.

Jane A. Foley has been analyzing dreams, those of her patients and her own. The dreams that these pregnant women have had accurately reflected things that were going on with their health and pregnancies. Some medical professionals doubt the science that is slated to be behind these dreams. However, Jane Foley, in her role as an Ultrasound technologist, has been documenting the dreams of her patients for years. The dreams were powerful factors in helping to know what was going on with the pregnancy.

Interpreting the dreams of pregnant women is a gift that the writer has harnessed and used to educate women through the various books she has contributed her work and findings to. The use of dreams to get information about a pregnancy is not readily accepted yet, but Jane Foley accepts speaking engagements to talk to various groups about it. She can use Ultrasounds and combine them with the pregnant woman’s dreams to calculate what is going on with the pregnancy.

If any of the women are interested in finding out how to get their dreams interpreted, they can contact Jane A. Foley or read some of her writings in the various books she has contributed her work to. She is located in Hawaii, still does Ultrasound sonography and is spreading her wings as a Book Writer. Analyzing the dreams of pregnant women is her passion, and appears to be something that medical science will have to contend with for the future. For more information on this age-old phenomenon with a twist of the technological age, visit the website of Jane Foley at Janeafoley.com. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.


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