A Charter School K-6 in Gilbert AZ Prepares Students for the Future

Parents and students no longer have to adhere to the idea that one school fits all. Charter schools give parents and students a wide variety of options. Many charter schools focus on a narrow topic such as science, technology or fine arts. Others have a wider scope of study and include a more well rounded approach. One such option is an ALA Charter School K-6 in Gilbert AZ. This American Leadership Academy has been named an A rated school by the Arizona Department of Education.

Opportunities abound at this Charter School K-6 in Gilbert AZ. The Covey 7 Habits are interwoven in the curriculum, which is competitive and advanced. Math, Science and History are covered in depth, with the addition of foreign languages, technology and fine arts. A foundation in Latin is taught to lay the groundwork needed to meet a two year study of the language for graduation. Beyond the academic focus, moral character, leadership, service and life skills are taught and modeled by the staff. Activities outside the classroom are encouraged and there are choices to be found in athletics, drama, service and leadership.

A strict dress code ensures that student’s focus stays upon the tasks at hand and not be diverted by outside influences. This code is part of a code of conduct that students are expected to follow in order to achieve the 2.0 grade point average needed. This ALA school has high expectations for its students and gives them the tools and abilities needed to excel. These leadership tools will arm students with the desire to succeed and the ability to meet that desire.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in and outside the classroom. The school has an active PSO that allows parents to have input into how the school develops, current and future programs, and an inside look into their child’s educational experience. A brand new playground is the result of parent input and one that students are enjoying.

If you are looking for a different educational experience for your child, one that will prepare them for the future, look no further than the American Leadership Academy in Gilbert AZ.




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