A few things to consider when remodeling a bathroom

After a combination of time and constant usage a homeowner may reach the point where they feel that it is high time to undertake a bathroom remodeling project. Bath remodeling in CT can be either very simple or very complex, it all depends on the vision or budget but the outcome of any bath remodeling project will totally change the feel of the room and most certainly brighten the room up. There are a few things to consider when you are about to take on a project of this nature and what you decide to do can influence the process and the end results.

The bathroom is unlike other rooms in the house, it comes complete with all the “furniture,” the sink, toilet, tub, cabinets, etc. The first thing to consider is the extent of the renovation, are you going to change the fixtures because they look old and outdated, are you going to make the room larger? Perhaps all you want to do is improve the ventilation or maybe the floor has been destroyed over the years by rot and mold and mildew are a problem. Questions like these must be addressed up front as the answers set the tone to the whole project.

A homeowner who is somewhat skilled in DIY projects can often take on small bath remodeling in CT projects; however larger projects will call for an experienced contractor. Experienced renovation contractors not only have the myriad of skills that are required on staff, they are intimate with the local building codes and can assure compliance with these codes.

What can be done during a bath remodeling has a lot to do with where the bath is located in the house. A bath off the master bedroom is one thing; a bath located in the middle of the house is something else again. If the objective is to enlarge the bath, it is a distinct possibility if it’s attached to the bedroom as room can be taken from the bedroom, perhaps even combined with a dressing area. If the bath is hemmed in by the living room on one side and a den on the other, the considerations are very different.

Professionals who do bath remodeling in CT are great space planners. In the past the thing was great chunky vanities, today these can be eliminated in favor of pedestal sinks. Cabinets can’t be eliminated but they can be placed between the joists in the wall and take very little in the way of floor space. There are many ways to renovate a bathroom, avoid letting form overtake function; keep it simple and classic and it will stay modern for ages.

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