A Few Things To Keep In Mind When You Need A Replacement Windshield

The windshield of your car is a key component that is subjected to considerable abuse. In the event the windshield becomes cracked or otherwise damaged this is something that needs to be looked after quickly, not something that can be left alone. Depending on where the damage is located and the extent of it there is always the possibility that it can be repaired otherwise replacement auto glass in Chicago will be necessary. As you look for a competent shop to make the repair or undertake the replacement there are a few things to bear in mind.

The first action that should be taken is to check with your auto insurance company, if you have a comprehensive policy the damage or full replacement should be covered entirely or at least with a minimal deductable that will have to be paid personally. Most comprehensive policies place a deductable on all work except windshield repair or replacement but better to be safe than sorry, so check this first.

If you belong to an auto club you may find that membership entitles you to a discount on auto glass in Chicago. It will pay dividends to go through the benefits package that came with membership; many of these auto club packages do offer these discounts. In many areas there will be numerous shops that offer windshield replacement, if you have to pay for the replacement or repair from your own pocket you should check with three or four for the best deal.

There are two different types of replacement windshield commonly available; OEM (original equipment) as well as aftermarket. An OEM replacement windshield will normally be more expensive but they are no better than the aftermarket product. You have the right to know what the auto glass company has in mind so don’t hesitate to ask the question; the least you want is a windshield that is equal to in quality as the one which is being replaced.

The best shops do not hesitate to offer a warranty on the replacement. If there is going to be a problem it will most certainly show up in the first month. Read the warranty closely, it is quite important that the warranty is in force nationwide as it is an unknown where you may be in the near future should there be a problem. If the warranty is good you can usually assume that the company offering it is equally as good as they are proud of their product and workmanship.

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