A Las Vegas Private Investigator Can Serve in Custody Evaluations

If you are in the midst of a custody case, whether you are getting divorced or were never married, it can be difficult for a judge to determine who should get custody of the children. A Las Vegas private investigator is one tool a court can use to determine the best custody arrangement for a given situation. The investigator will be able to dig deeper into the situation and give a recommendation to a judge based on the information he collects.

A private investigator in a child custody case will observe many situations dealing with the children. He may view the children at school, during extra activities and in the homes of each of the parents. These observations will help the investigator identify any serious issues, such as child abuse, to form a recommendation for custody.

Part of the job of a Las Vegas private investigator who is doing a child custody evaluation is to interview people. The investigator may talk to each of the parents individually, each of the children and other people involved with the children, such as teachers and counselors. All of these interviews will provide the investigator with plenty of information about the children and the way they live. In general, the investigator is looking for the parent who will best foster a relationship with the other parent and who is the most stable.

After all the observations and interviews, the private investigator will sit down with all the information gathered and work on a recommendation. This can be a hard wait for any parent. Your child’s future hangs in the balance. Whenever you place your child’s future into someone else’s hands and not your own, it can be nerve-wracking. However, sometimes having an outside party who isn’t emotionally involved in the situation can give the clearest picture for the good of the children.

It can be hard for many parents to put aside their own desire to be there for their children to determine what is actually best for the children. In these cases, a Las Vegas private investigator can work to help you and the judge figure out what is the best custody arrangement for your situation. This will often involve observing the children and their parents, interviewing a long list of people and gathering other information, such as school records. With all the information gathered, the private investigator can help put together a custody plan that is in the children’s best interest.

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