A Myriad of Options for Pleated Drapes

Pleated drapes have been used as window treatments for centuries. They offer an elegant touch to the interior design of the home while maintaining privacy. Pleated drapes can be used within the home for other purposes. Apart from covering windows, the curtains are often used as partitioning for rooms & corridors and are also hung in doorways.

Pleated drapes are a popular choice for interior décor for many reasons. The drapes can also be used in combination with other window treatments such as roman shades, wood blinds or even vertical blinds. These combinations result in providing depth in the space being decorated.

The folds in the drapes resulting from the pleats work to enhance the textured feel of the curtains. The depths of color on pleated curtains are enhanced by the folds. This means that both darker and lighter shades stand out more when the curtains are made with pleats. This gives the room a feeling of depth and is especially advantageous for smaller rooms that may appear cramped otherwise. The curtains create an illusion of space giving the room a more airy feel.

Pleated drapes are made from a variety of fabrics including linen, cotton, and silk. One of the most popular fabric choices for curtains with pleats today is silk. Silk provides a natural luster and richness that no other fabric is able to provide. The fabric is also thick and opaque. This ensures that privacy is maintained.

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