A Wide Variety of Choices for Wood Flooring in McGregor, TX

Carpeting is one of the most popular materials used on flooring in homes and businesses. However, if your home or business is in the McGregor, Texas area, and you’re looking for new floor coverings, you may want to consider something different than carpeting. While there are many different options, a popular option is wood flooring in McGregor, TX. Unfortunately, simply choosing wood flooring isn’t enough. There are many different types of wood flooring materials, and it’s important to understand the differences between those materials so you can understand what is going to work best for your home or business. Choose from our large inventory of in stock carpet flooring by contacting Waco Carpet Company.

The first option is solid hardwood flooring. This is one of the most expensive options, but it can also be one of the most long-lasting options. With solid wood floors, you can create a look that you want with various different stains. By stripping the stain, you can change the floors and create an entirely different look, if you would like. In addition, if you take care of your solid wood floors they will likely outlive you. The floors can be greatly affected by humidity, so giving enough room along the walls when installing these floors, and creating a proper moisture barrier, will extend the life of your solid wood floors.

Another option is engineered wood floors. Engineered wood offers a thin veneer of real hardwood that attaches to an engineered product, such as MDF. These floors give you the look of real wood because they are real wood. You can even strip the wood and stain it to a different color. Unfortunately, this can’t be done too often, as the veneer is much thinner than a solid hardwood material. However, when it comes to cost, engineered wood flooring is much more affordable.

These are just a couple of the options you’ll have for wood flooring in McGregor, TX. If you’re interested in this and other types of flooring materials, checking out a website like Wacocarpetco.com is a good idea. You can see the various different wood flooring materials they offer in order to determine what is right for your home or business. For more information on this quality provider of wood flooring materials you can visit their website directly.

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