About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small oval-shaped nocturnal insects reddish-brown in color, flat and are about the size of apple seed. They can get up to 4mm to 5mm long in size. Bed bugs can survive up to a year without eating and they only feed on blood. They are active at night while the host sleeps. Female deposit eggs at least one to five eggs per day and in its lifetime they can lay up to 200 to 500 eggs. Bed bugs are found in small crevices and cracks including mattresses, sheets, and comforters, behind baseboards, picture frames, and electrical outlet plates. They are popularly found in hotels in a person’s personal belongings such as their luggage and purses.

The main sign of bed bugs infestation is by seeing the bugs, case skins, and defecation presence. The defecation presence appear black to brown in color. The final sign are bites on humans. Using home remedies to control bed bug infestation does not always work well as the pest isn’t positively identified. Bed bugs can infest a very large area. Some pests look like bed bugs and share the same habits. The wrong treatment can be ineffective and harmful.

There are several types of bed bugs species such as the common bed bug found worldwide called the Cimex lectularius. Using a Bed Bug Exterminator Marietta GA will help get rid of the infestation of bed bugs. Bed bugs adapt to any temperate climate and especially adapt well to human environments. Tropical bed bugs ( Cimex hemipterus) feed on humans but prefer to breed in tropical environments such as Florida. Bat bed bugs (Cimex adjunctus) are located within tropical environments and temperate regions. This species mainly feed on bats but they also feed on humans. The Mexican chicken bugs (Haematosiphon inodora) found in North America and look like the household bed bug. The Mexican chicken bugs are primarily found in poultry farms, domestic fowl and some bird species. Contacting a local Bed Bug Exterminator Marietta GA will assist in identifying the right species of bed bugs before they can begin appropriate treatment of the infestation. The pest control company will arrange a consultant and inspection.


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