Acupuncture San Diego: Pain Management Solutions

Acupuncture provides effective pain management solutions in areas where conventional treatments are not successful. Individuals suffering from severe chronic conditions like recurring back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, recurring migraines, and arthritis can seek an acupuncture treatment. People suffering from relatively new injuries can also benefit from acupuncture treatments at San Diego. Acupuncture San Diego is also for couples who face infertility problems since it improves the chances of conceiving.

Acupuncture San Diego for fertility treatment and care

Traditional Chinese and acupuncture medicine therapies can give better chances of conceiving when it comes to fertility issues. Acupuncture treatments improve the chances of conceiving by regulating the menstrual cycle of the female and semen production of the male. This can also be used to treat and improve IUI and IVF success rates, lessen the side effects that occur during these procedures, and provide necessary support once the female conceives.

Conditions treated in clinics of Acupuncture San Diego

A variety of common problems can be treated successfully with Chinese medical herbology, acupuncture and other traditional medicines used by Chinese. The goal of these clinics is to enhance the conditions of the health naturally and safely. San Diego’s experienced acupuncturist discusses the conditions of the problem with the patient, and evaluates their needs, and comes up with the right treatment to address the health issues.

Although acupuncturists in San Diego specialize in pain relief and fertility enhancement, there are other common treatments that they provide. Conditions like emotional and mental problems like anxiety, stress, and depression can be solved through acupuncture. The treatment emphasizes on overall wellness and restoring balance. Acupuncture San Diego is also being widely used for treating irritable bowel syndrome, and other disorders related to digestion. Together with the treatment, lifestyle and nutrition counseling are also provided to improve the treatment results. Additional conditions like chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, insomnia, PMS, allergies, and other concerns are successfully treated by acupuncture. Moreover, addiction and side effects caused by chemotherapy are lessened by acupuncture treatments.

Benefits of acupuncture

Acupuncture treats both chronic and acute problems. Moreover, it helps in preventing diseases by strengthening immunity and increasing the overall energy. The World Health Organization has officially recognized and announced that acupuncture treats about 100 illnesses that include respiratory problems, neurological, reproductive, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, mental, and emotional problems. All these ailments can be treated by acupuncture San Diego.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture works based upon the theory of energy. This energy is termed Qi, and it is the force that acts behind any physiological process that happens in the body. This bioelectrical force flows through the body in paths called meridians. Its pattern is similar to that of the circulatory and the nervous systems. Chinese medicines believe that for good health, energy needs to be free flowing, and if this doesn’t happen, it can cause disease. People facing such problems go to an acupuncturist to regulate the flow of this energy, and this causes healing reactions in the heart rate, blood chemistry and digestive functions.

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