Adding Value to Your Home through Renovation

by | Jul 30, 2012 | home-garden

It’s likely that as you begin the process of remodeling your Phoenix home, one of the thoughts on your mind is the possible resale value of your house and concerns about making sure you are adding to it rather than subtracting from it. The room in your house that is used than others is the kitchen, so renovations you invest there are likely to yield more value, if done correctly, than remodeling a room than needs it less. Increasing your home value can be very beneficial should you ever choose to sell property in Phoenix. Kitchen remodeling is one of the more certain ways of increasing home values, especially if you add state-of-the-art appliances and luxury amenities.

A renovation project for your kitchen that is more likely to add significant value to your home will likely feature some of the following considerations, starting with the admonition that you not do too much. When it comes to renovating your home to add value to its resale price in Phoenix, kitchen remodeling that goes overboard can add too much value and your home could be too pricey for many of the buyers considering property in your neighborhood. Modest renovations will likely recoup more value than major, high end projects. It’s entirely possible to completely change the look of your kitchen for the better with a modest investment.

It’s important to plan your Phoenix kitchen remodeling project well before it actually begins as well. It’s very easy to start out on a project not quite sure where you are going and then change your mind during the process, which could means spending more money to make necessary changes. If you plan intelligently, you can not only add elegance and beauty to your kitchen space, but make it more functional for your family’s needs as well. Consider the way your kitchen space is used, who uses it most and how it is used to prepare food, do homework, eat snacks, care for babies, and so on. Think about ergonomics too in terms of how the space will be used when preparing food, doing dishes, pouring coffee, sitting for a chat, or for whatever purpose you most often use it.

The essential should absorb the bulk of your investment – the cabinetry, the counter tops, lighting and appliances. Extras, no matter how much you find them appealing or they add to the aesthetic quality of the room, need to remain extras. Solid and durable cabinetry is more important than a self-serve bar. Granite counter tops that will provide longevity and are easy to care for will have more value than window treatments.

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