Advantages of Fitting a Glass Shower Door

When we think of doors, we mostly think of wood or steel doors depending on the safety of your place of residence. Glass is the last thing that would come to the mind of many homeowners – especially not for use in an important place like the bathroom. Maybe for the microwave or the refrigerator or some other place, but not the bathroom, right? But as you will later find out, fitting a shower door Tacoma is actually more advantageous than most of the substances you might think of. But let us not leave this issue hanging; what are the actual advantages of fitting a glass shower door Tacoma?

1. Water resistance
Now, assuming you use your bathroom for its intended purpose – which is bathing, the best shower door would be one that is resistant to water, correct? Well, wood is not. When a wooden door is soaked in water for a long time, it loses it luster and strength. Metal on the other hand rusts and is never appropriate for shower doors. This leaves us with only one viable option: glass. Glass is generally water resistant and thus ideal for the bathroom. Water resistance becomes an advantage because it implies that the door will last longer and would be easier to maintain.

2. Strength
When strength is mentioned as an advantage of a glass shower door, you are probably left with a question mark. “How can that be?” you may ask. But follow closely. Glass comes in various types. You certainly don’t expect that the glass used for your kitchen ware would be the same as that to be used on doors. The latter must be reinforced. This could be through adding a thin layer of plastic in between or through severe heating as is the case with tempered glass. So contrary to the notion that all glass is fragile, it is worthy to note that glass can be hard; even harder than wood, depending on the type.

3. Affordability
Contrary to what most people think, glass shower doors are not expensive. They are quite affordable: depending on the nature of the glass shower doors. But all in all, hard wood would be more expensive than glass.

4. Translucency
Glass is generally transparent. Now that is not very good for a shower door, considering what goes on in there is private business. But one thing that most forget is that glass can be translucent. As such, the affairs in the bathroom can be kept as they should-strictly private.

5. Elegance
We cannot conclusively analyze the benefits of glass shower doors without mentioning that they are classy and elegant; classier than wood – of course – and more elegant than steel or other substance.

6. Energy saver
It might add merit to this discussion to add that when you fit a glass shower door, you are likely to save on electricity. This is because light on the corridors or other rooms can extend to the bathroom if the door is transparent or translucent. There would be no point of switching the light on in the bathroom.

Glass has numerous uses; among these is use of glass in doors. This is very advantageous. For more information on fitting a glass shower door in Tacoma, log on to Glass Doctor of Tacoma.

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