Affordability and Variety: Richwood Filtered Cigars

Richwood filtered cigars are made of toasted Kentucky tobacco. They pose a benefit over cigarettes with a slow burn and rich flavor. With a vast array of different flavors for smokers to choose from, everyone can be satisfied with a Richwood if they choose to smoke. For example, Richwood filtered cigars come in the following flavors: Grape, Mild, Menthol, Original, Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Wild Cherry. By offering a combination of affordability, the smooth smoke of a cigar, and a variety of flavors and flavorings, Richwood filtered cigars offer a product for just about everyone. Many who have smoked Richwood filtered cigars are surprised by just how affordable they are and that the tobacco is surprisingly smooth and doesn’t have the harsh chemical smell or taste of many modern tobacco products.

At the price of Richwood filtered cigars and with the vast array of flavors, they make for an interesting experiment. If someone wanted to buy a case of each instead of just a pack, it would only cost $96. Now that’s not a cheap experiment, but compared to other tobacco products, such as cigarettes, that would be between 8-11 packs, as compared to $12 for 10 packs of 20. This does show the advantage to shopping online; if you want to go one by one on the brands, you’ll have plenty of each, and if you find one you really like, you can stock up for a good long time. If you find you don’t like the flavor or variety you have, for example, if you find you don’t particularly care for the menthol, but enjoyed the mild, you can toss the menthol at little cost and continue on to the next flavor or reinvest in their current favorite Richwood filtered cigar.  

This is what makes the price and variety of Richwood filtered cigars so interesting. It can be difficult with tobacco products to explore and find a satisfying favorite. With current taxes and the ever rising price of cigarettes, the risk of buying a pack you don’t like can be expensive, so people are likely to stick with what they like without ever trying much, if anything, else. Whereas with a product as cheap as Richwood filtered cigars, you can experiment without risking too much of your budget until you find the variety you absolutely love.

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