Alternatives to Chlorine Pools-Swimming Pool Options You Should Consider

For those who are aware of the hazardous effects of chlorine swimming pools, getting a better alternative is a relief to them. The good thing is that alternative swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular around the globe.

The United States has been carrying out research on the side effects of chlorine to humans and the surprising thing is that chlorine is linked to many side effects seen on a large number of people who use these types of pools. Among the side effects linked to chlorine pools include asthma, lung damage and birth defects.

Although it is difficult to tell which alternative to chlorine pools is the best, we are going to discuss each one of them in detail so that you can decide by yourself. Alternatives to chlorine pools include:

  • Ultraviolet radiation: Although there is no much information about ultraviolet radiation, it’s actually harmless and works for many people. It is new in the market and a large number of people are still going with other common alternatives.
  • Ozone generators: They are the most famous and a large number of people use these pools as an alternative to chlorine pools. When water is pumped through the ozone generators, the ozone found in the system reacts with organic matter found in the water, thereby eliminating it. Chlorine acts in a similar manner because it is an oxidizing agent.

Ozone generators are basically the best option to go for. One disadvantage of this system is that it does not eliminate the algae found on the edges of the pool. Although algae are harmless, it has odor that makes the pool uncomfortable. When using ozone generators, you should consider using algaecide. Others recommend that you use small traces of chlorine to eliminate the algae.

  • Ionization: This involves the use of either silver alone or a combination of copper and silver. This method is still not popular but many people have started noticing its benefits and its being used in technologically advanced countries. People who have tried it say ionization is the best. Others say it’s too expensive whereas others say it’s just not good.
  • Salt water pool: Many people don’t understand this method and you`ll read mixed reviews about this. The salt water generator allows you to put salt into it and it converts the salt into chlorine which treats the water.

These are the main alternatives to chlorine pools and it is important that you consult with a professional before setting up a swimming pool.

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