An Auto Body Shop in Glendale, AZ, Repairs Damage Caused by Flying Objects

Technicians at an auto body shop in Glendale, AZ, sometimes are asked to fix damage caused by objects that fell from above. The most common instance is hail. However, many other instances occur, although less frequently. Some are connected with sporting activity and others with severe weather.

Sports-Related Incidents

Sports-related activities can cause a need for an auto body shop in Glendale, AZ. A ball hit by a bat might fly into a parking lot behind or alongside the playing field. Those balls travel at very high speeds when hit by a skilled player. One of these objects can leave a significant dent on a hood, trunk or side panel.

Wayward golf balls also cause trouble. An errant swing could send the ball into a parking lot or onto a road alongside the course. Now the car it struck has a dent in the door, roof or elsewhere. These flying missiles can leave very deep dents. Replacing the damaged component may be required.

Storm Incidents

Even without hail, severe storms can wallop a vehicle. High winds can send a large tree limb straight down into a car roof, trunk or hood. The branch acts like a spear, creating a startling sight for the vehicle’s owner when he or she returns to the parking area.

Concluding Thoughts

Paintless repair sometimes is an option. If the indentation is more severe, technicians need to repaint the damaged area after fixing the dent. Anyone needing auto body repair after these incidents may find contact details at

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