An Overview of Medical Billing Houston Specialists

by | Feb 1, 2013 | health-medical

A medical billing Houston specialist is someone who is in charge of handling the billing of a health facility. Most of them usually work as a group in a company so as to make the processes involved fast and effective. They handle details such as processing and submitting claims to insurance companies, preparing revenue reports and handling client billing issues among many other things. A practitioner can hire specialists from outside to handle such transactions instead of having it done by the employees.

Once you have hired the medical billing specialists, the next step will be to send patient details to them so that they can submit this to the insurance company. You need to provide them with patient details like name, diagnosis, name of the insurer and procedure codes. The company will check the details and in case of any errors the specialists will send it back to you for revision. You should ensure that you give them correct information if you want to get the full claim. Don’t leave out any details because it might be difficult to amend especially after the claim has been submitted.

With the complete details, the medical billing specialists will present the information to the insurance company for processing. The processing usually takes hours or days depending on the insurer and the case presented. Hiring a company with experience will ensure that the claim is processed faster since the company will be well known by the insurer. After processing, the claim may either be rejected or approved. If rejected the insurer should give a reason. The billing specialists will be responsible for making complaints and following up the rejected claims. If it was due to an error made by the health facility, they will send back the details so that you can rectify them.

Once the claims have been approved, you will be paid the amount of the claim either through the medical billing specialists that you hired or the money can be deposited directly to your account. This will depend on the agreement you have with the specialist and the insurance companies as well. You will pay a commission to the specialists based on the amount of money that they collect. Most of them usually charge you a certain percentage of the net collections. You should agree on this before they start working for you so as to avoid any misunderstandings.

This is how medical billing Houston specialists work. If you are considering hiring one, these are among the services that you should ensure they offer. The services will differ from company to company thus it is important to look at a number of them and then choose one that offers the most.

Finding reputable medical billing specialist is very important for a health facility.

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