Ask The Animal Hospitals In Alpharetta About Pain Management In Pets

Pets feel the pain same way as humans do and the animal hospitals in Alpharetta recommend that the pet owners learn about pain management in pets. This not only improves the recovery process if the pain is the result from a surgery or an injury, but it also relieves your pet from stress. Pain is categorized as acute or chronic. Acute pain is sudden and is due to an injury, illness or surgery while chronic pain takes time to develop and could age related, like, arthritis.

Animal Hospitals In Alpharetta Will Help You To Recognize The Signs That Your Pet Is Hurting

While pets can’t talk and describe their pain, there are several signs that can indicate that your pet is hurting. The most important thing as a responsible pet owner is to look for any changes in behaviour and call one of the animal hospitals in Alpharetta immediately:

*        Your pet turns still, unresponsive or unusually quiet

*        Your pet starts howling, whimpering and whining for no obvious reasons

*        Constant licking of any particular part of the body shows that your pet is trying to soothe that part

*        If your pet’s ears are flattened against the head

*        If he or she is looking for more affection and having trouble eating or sleeping at the same time.

Animal Hospitals In Alpharetta Can Advise On The Next Steps If Your Pet Is In Pain

The first step as for the pet owner is to take your pet for an examination that could include blood tests and X-rays. Discuss with your veterinarian about the extra care that you can provide at home, like, body massage to soothe your pet. However, while massaging if your pet shows any sign of discomfort then you might have found the troubled spot.

A chronic pain might be developing in your senior pet if your pet can’t handle the level of physical activity. Reduce the physical activity if your pet is sluggish and uncomfortable and monitor your pet’s diet to control any unnecessary weight gain. You might need to start a special diet for your pet if weight is an issue but make sure to discuss this with one of the animal hospitals first.

Talk To The Animal Hospitals In Alpharetta About Treatment Choices For Pain

Pain medications for pets are available as oral pills, liquids, skin patches and gels or creams. There are analgesic medicines available to treat chronic pains that are preferred method of managing pain rather than administering steroids that can have adverse side effects. It is important to discuss the treatment plan and the medicines with your vet first. Do not give your pet the pain medicines that are available for humans. There are alternative options, like, acupunctures, aromatherapy and homeopathy available as well. Before starting any pain treatment protocol, make sure to understand the details including any potential side-effects.

With the help of animal hospitals Alpharetta you can relieve your pet of any acute or chronic pain. Talk to the expert team at  for guidance.



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