Auto Glass Repair Process for Small Windshield Cracks


Auto glass consists of windshield and windows on automobiles. Motor engine vibrations, potholes and loose gravel particles usually cause cracks on windshields. In extreme cases, these cracks might be so intense such that a driver’s visibility is impaired. The windshield then has to be replaced. Small cracks however, do not warrant a replacement. Auto glass repair work is undertaken to restore the glass to its original form.

There is no cause for alarm since auto glass repair Pennsuaken professionals can do the repair work and quickly get you back on the road. Repairing auto glass helps retain an automobile’s beauty while ensuring passengers remain safe at all times. The following steps indicate the procedure followed during auto glass repair:

* Once the vehicle is driven to any auto glass repair Pennsuaken shop, it is booked through an entry made in the repairs log. Auto glass technicians examine the damage in order to establish its severity. They then prepare the work area. If the owner so wishes, he or she can hang around until the work is completed. Repair work on a broken windshield does not take long unless there are many cracks.

* The damaged area is thoroughly cleaned using a damp cloth. Loose glass particles embedded in the crack are removed. The area is then dried using special driers. A hair drier is also used. The crack is thereafter vacuumed to rid it of air. Auto glass repair kits used for this procedure contain suction pads and syringes to remove air and apply the repair material on the damaged part. A chemical compound known as resin is used to fill up the cracks.

* Upon completion, the suction pads attached to the windshield are removed. A film is placed on the glass and spread over the areas where refilling is being done. This is to make sure that the repair material gets evenly spread out.  After 15 minutes the film is removed.

* Using a razor blade, the auto glass repair technician scrapes off excess material that had earlier been applied during the repair process. After this, the repaired section is allowed to dry. If the workshop is small and other vehicles are queued up for similar repairs, the vehicle is driven and parked elsewhere.

* The owner is notified and allowed to inspect the repair work. If satisfied, payment is made and a receipt issued. Auto glass repair Pennsaunken workshops may have a cafeteria within the compound where drivers can enjoy tea, coffee or soft drinks as they wait. For those with other things to attend to, a phone call is made asking them to pick up their cars. Payment can be in form of cash, credit card or cheque.

Auto Glass Repair Pennsuaken – Repairs on auto glass should be undertaken soon as cracks appear. Glass Doctor of Camden County helps you repair your auto glass cracks and even replace them if necessary.

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