Avoid Frauds By Getting a Professional HVAC Contractor in Long Island NY

by | Apr 1, 2019 | HVAC

Temperatures in North America usually reach single digits during winter. This is one time that you do not want your furnace or HVAC shutting down. During this time, the house can become extremely cold. The same situation plays out during summer. Should your HVAC fail to blow some cold air through the house during those unbearably hot 90-degree days, the smoldering heat may take its toll on the very young and the very old.

Just like any other technical professional, HVAC contracting is not without its fair share of frauds. Below are some suggestions on avoiding swindles when looking for a HVAC contractor Long Island NY. A qualified HVAC contractor does not issue phone estimates rather works with written estimates. Without such an estimate, you risk paying for unwanted or unnecessary services. In addition, a written estimate helps ease the contractor-comparison process since it gives you a good idea of standard services and their charges. This way, you get to avoid contractors that charge for non-essential services as well as those that do not furnish their clients with written estimates.

State laws govern licensure and educational requirements for professional HVAC contractors. In this regard, a HVAC contractor Long Island NY gets his or her licensure and practices in accordance with the State laws of Indiana. However, some unscrupulous contractors opt to operate below the radar without proper credentials. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the state licensure board for HVAC contractors (Department of Code Enforcement- DCE) in order to verify the license of a contractor that you intend on working with. Also insist on seeing proof of the existing insurance policy.

If you intend to install a new HVAC system for your house, be attentive to the questions and energy calculations of your HVAC contractor. He or she determines the size of your new HVAC system by calculating the heat load of your house. This depends on the number of occupants in your home as well as the number of windows. In addition, he/she also factors in the insulation type and the direction or orientation of your home.

Checking the contractors’ vehicles can also help you avoid HVAC frauds. Although you may come across a professional HVAC contractor who drives a plain vehicle, most established contractors spot branded vehicles that bear the company contact details and official logo. Avoid any HVAC contractor in Long Island NY who does not appear in official contractor listings. The DCE has official listings of licensed contractors in the state of Indiana and as such, do provide valuable information for anybody looking for a HVAC contractor. In addition, always go for a company that has a physical address. This eases the process of locating the company should anything go wrong.  All these are proven and reliable ways of weeding out HVAC contracting frauds.

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