Avoid the Up-sale: Find a Real Doctor for Breast Implants

Life isn’t always fair, and it’s not uncommon for people to be unhappy with aspects of their appearance. Many people go the surgical route to handle the problems that can’t be taken care of by self discipline or over the counter products. Some issues are just genetic and no amount of work will change it. For example, some women are unhappy with their breast size or shape, for them there isn’t a product or diet that will make it change. Putting weight on can make breasts grow, but that’s not a route a lot of women want to go down. Breast implants are big business, with options abounding all across the country, in places like Austin, Texas, Rochester, New York, and of course Los Angeles.

We’ve all seen examples of bad breast implants, and let’s be honest, it’s something you want to avoid. They’re usually played up for a quick laugh when a celebrity gets them and they just look fake, too big or too rigid. For the most part, it can be avoided by carefully selecting a good surgeon to handle the procedure. It cannot be stressed how important it is to go to a real clinic with a real medical staff. Many of these bad implants are either done by bad doctors, or doctors who don’t tell their patients the truth about the potential effects of the surgery they want. You need to make sure you have realistic perceptions on what will be good for you, but you also need a doctor with experience who can help guide you to the right decision. It’s also important to know that you’re talking to a doctor, not a salesman with a medical degree. Getting breast augmentation via implants is a personal decision that you should make. A doctor is there to guide you to help you make the best decision, not the most profitable one.

It’s entirely likely that you might want to augment up too large, and that will look fake. A good doctor can help you understand what your real options are, what the costs will be and what the effects will be. What you don’t want is someone who tells you when you come in for breast implants that they’ve also got a great deal on tummy tucks and chin implants. That’s someone trying to up sale you. Even if you live in a smaller city like Austin Texas, leave, you’ll find someone else. You’re thinking about going under the knife it’s not the time for someone to pressure you into an up sale. You want someone who will respect you as a patient, because they take being a doctor seriously. Explore your options, and schedule meetings, don’t agree to anything right off the bat and make sure you go with someone who respects you as a patient.

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