Avoiding Trouble With Your New Cabinets in Tucson AZ

When a homeowner spends their hard-earned money on some new cabinets in Tucson AZ, they are going to want to learn how to take the best care of them. There are a lot of problems that a person might have with their cabinets if they don’t learn the right care tips.

Water Issues

A homeowner has to be careful with water if they wish for their cabinets to last. Water will usually get into cabinets from dishes that haven’t been properly dried. Water can start to cause problems with any wood that’s inside the cabinets. It can also warp any wallpaper that might be used for designs inside of cabinets. Using a dish rack for dishes will allow them to dry before being placed inside of the cabinets.

More On Water

Water might get inside cabinets other ways. A leaky pipe will cause a problem if it’s close enough to a cabinet. Pipes under the kitchen sink should be checked on occasion to make sure there aren’t any leaks. Pipes that run behind cabinets might leak through the material if given enough time. When a leak is discovered, it needs to be taken care of right away. Visit Daviskitchens-az.com to get started on new cabinets in Tucson AZ.


Pests might also become problems inside of cabinets. A homeowner doesn’t want pests getting into food that’s stored inside of the home’s cabinets. A Boric acid is an effective form of pest control. It can be sprinkled alongside baseboards and inside of cabinets to keep pests like roaches and ants away. Placing traps and baits inside of cabinets also works. One of the best way to keep pests away from cabinets is to keep food sealed. Plastic containers and airtight bags work well to keep pests from getting to stored food.

Once a person gets new cabinets, they should take care of them. The cabinets will be clean and it’s easy to keep them that way. Cabinets should be checked on occasion for signs of water damage and pests. It’s also good to remove everything from cabinets so a thorough cleaning can be done. Cabinets should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year.

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