Basic Information About Root Canal Treatment

by | Feb 4, 2013 | health-medical

Although your teeth have a hard and tough exterior; at the core of your teeth there is soft tissue. This soft tissue is often known as the ‘pulp’ and it fills the center of the tooth and runs down through the roots. If this soft pulp on the interior of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected it can be quite painful and eventually lead to an abscess. This inflammation or infection typically happens for a number of reasons such as deep decay from cavities or repeated dental procedures on the same tooth. Many times damage such as a crack or a chip in the tooth can lead to this type of inflammation as well. No matter what the reason is for this inflammation or infection; when these issues happen you will need to call a professional endodontist for a procedure known as a root canal in Austin.

A root canal will treat damaged pulp within the teeth and help restore you to normal tooth use and less oral pain. When you visit an endodontist they will first do a consultation on your teeth to determine if a root canal is the best option for you and the best thing to do for your teeth. If this is the best process for you, your endodontist will typically move forward with the process and make an opening in the crown of the tooth and will start to clean the pulp and shape the space for a new filling. When the tooth is ready; the root canal will be filled with a biocompatible material that is rubbery in consistency to seal the root canal off. To complete the procedure a hard restoration will be placed in the tooth to seal off the root canal system from the rest of the oral cavity.

Once the initial root canal is done; you will need to visit a regular dentist to have a crown placed on the tooth so that it can be restored to its full function. When done successfully it will take about one to two years after the root canal treatment for this missing bone to completely regenerate on its own. This process may seem complex but root canal treatments are done quite often for those who have pulp issues and for those who want their tooth function restored to a healthy state. All you need is the right endodontist in order to help you get the root canal treatment that you are looking for.

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