Become a Better Manager through Performance Coaching

Many otherwise stellar managers suffer when giving feedback to their employees. They stumble when giving compliments or complaints or overdo the enthusiasm in giving both. Learn how to become a more efficient supervisor and lead your team to success through performance coaching.

You Talk, Employees Listen

Professional consultants can help you develop the skills you need to share performance feedback in a way employees will take to heart. Basic psychological principles can be applied to any working environment to help you get through to your workers without causing new problems. Learn how to identify good actions and address problems without fear of creating jealousy or upsetting someone.

Performance coaching can also help you establish boundaries in terms of constructive responses to feedback. Employees should not be sent a message that being overly defensive, rude or combative is appropriate in the workplace. Setting standards for employee conduct during and after reviews can be an important part of making your feedback count.

Basic Help for Common Problems

Managers may worry performance coaching will take away from their individuality. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re provided with sample solutions to common communication problems and barriers to effective feedback exchange. This advice can be implemented seamlessly with your management style and won’t feel restrictive or fake.

If the idea of providing negative feedback is giving you problems, know that an expert can help you share problems in a way that frames them in a positive light. There’s a difference between “this is what you’re doing wrong” and “this is how you can help us improve our business.” Performance coaching is the cornerstone to improving your own success as a manager and essential to getting the best from your team.

Of course, to go through the coaching process, you have to be willing to receive feedback of your own. This may be the toughest part for people who have served in management positions for a long time. Having someone point out areas of necessary improvement can be hard on the ego, but hopefully as you receive constructive criticism, you will understand ways you can change your own style. The experience of performance coaching can help you in many ways and is well worth the time and expense. Use it to become a more important company resource today.

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