Benefits of Speaking to a Knowledgeable SS Disability Attorney

The path towards getting approved to receive Social Security disability benefits can be long, hard, and contain delays along the way. With the complexity of all of the mountains of paperwork required, many first-time applicants find that they have been denied for one reason or another. There are some practical and real benefits of speaking one-on-one with a qualified Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City past clients have had terrific results with.

What Types of Disabilities Will Qualify a Person for Benefits?

There are currently many different disabilities that can help qualify someone to become approved for SSDI benefits. These include physical disabilities like being paralyzed and needing a wheelchair for mobility. Alternately, the disability could be hidden from most like many psychiatric or emotional disorders often are.

Is it Necessary to See a Doctor?

Under the law, a person must be thoroughly examined by a medical doctor or psychiatrist who then must sign off on the disability claim as proof of the person’s condition that the government requires. Common disabilities that may get approved include blindness, severe chronic back issues, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, loss of a limb through amputation, and many others. Doctors must provide proof ranging from X-rays to lab tests.

Does a Person Have to be 65 to Obtain Monthly Benefits?

No, the rules for disability benefits do differ somewhat from the more commonly known Social Security benefits that seniors receive. A person who is determined to have a disability can apply for benefits much earlier. Even children can qualify for benefits in some cases, such as severe birth defects and chronic depression.

It is wise to consult with a seasoned Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City by phone or in a face-to-face meeting. Call Grundy Disability Group LLC to schedule an appointment or visit the online website.

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