Benefits of Using Aromatherapy Carrier Oils

Aromatherapy is a procedure that uses natural oils in order to get people physically and emotionally healed. Although, the procedure is gaining popularity it is not new in fact it is older than most medical procedures. It has come to the limelight because most of the people are going back to nature to look for remedies because natural remedies have little or no side effects.  

If you love to relax after having to carry around a lot of stress then this process is something that you should consider. The idea is to inhale these natural oils in your system in order to get these therapeutic benefits.  Smell or aroma stimulates a reaction from our brain that in turn affects your emotions or moods. Aromatherapy carrier oils are vegetable oils that are used mainly during aromatherapy to dilute the essential oils so that they can be ready for use. They are also known as base oils.

Aromatherapy carrier oils are mainly used when you are applying essential oils on the skin, this is because the essential oils are highly concentrated and in their original form they might irritate the skin, therefore diluting them is the only option. They help transmit the essential oils to the skin without causing any damage to the skin. You should think about several things when you are buying these aromatherapy carrier oils.  The most common carrier oils include olive, jojoba and almond. Some of the factors that you have to think about include:

The purpose – it is important to note that you need to buy these oils depending on the therapeutic use that you need. Several types are available and each has its use. Understanding the use will help us find the oil that you need.

  • Method of processing- you should look for carrier oils that have been processed using the cold pressed method that helps in maintaining the fragile nutrients in the oil. This method also helps in maintaining low heat level which is good for the oils.
  • You should also look at the nutrients that are found in the oil. If you find one that anti oxidants the better because it not only means that the oil has a longer shelf life but it also will help your skin.  It should also have essential fatty acids.
  • It is also vital to look at the cost of the carrier oils. The price is mainly determined by the plant is made from, the process used to create it and whether it is organic or not.
  • You should also choose one that will flow easily because you have to mix it with the essential oils and if it resists movement it will be more difficult for you.

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