Benefits Of Using Quartz Countertops

The list of advantages from using natural Quartz countertops instead of manufactured countertops such as corain and formica is exceptional. Quartz counters suit the needs of a homeowner’s kitchen better than granite counters. Surfaces that are made of quartz combine the outstanding qualities of natural stone surfaces and laminate counters into one high quality product. Surfaces made out of quartz started showing up on home improvement jobs in the recent past. However, this trend has become increasingly popular in that short period. It has even grown to become more popular than granite use.

There is a small fraction of Quartz countertops Phoenix that are made from natural quartz. The stone is cut from monolithic blocks of stone that miners extract from quarries. On the other hand, the majority of countertops made of quartz in today’s market are made from about ninety five percent crushed quartz and five percent polymers. The materials that are infused make the countertop almost scratch proof. The countertops can also be maintenance free and can come in a broad tableau of colors from white to black.

Most homeowners are most excited about the range of colors that Quartz countertops offer. It is essential for designers to blend countertop color choice with the rest of the home so as to blend the hues of the counters with the open floor plans that spread out into the living and dining area. With countertops made of quartz, remodeling kitchens that blend into the rest of the house becomes easy. The following are some of the benefits of countertops made of quartz.

Quartz countertops Phoenix are one of the most long-lasting manufactured stone or countertop stone that a homeowner can purchase. In addition to that, homeowners can install monolithic slabs or quartz tiles on shower walls. They are available in various designer colors. Manufacturers can create custom edges. The surface of these countertops does not require sealing like that of granite surfaces. With quartz surface, the homeowner has the option of installing an under-mount sink. The homeowner can also install taps directly on the counter. The surface is strong so hot pans and pots can be placed on the surface without damage.

Furthermore, Quartz ctounterops pay for themselves because they increase the value of a property. Countertops made from quartz are not a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive. Therefore, the best features of countertops made from quartz are not visible to the naked eye. The benefits of the counter crystallize inside the material. They are quite strong and almost indestructible. One of the only few minerals that are harder than quartz are diamonds. Therefore, these countertops last for years and are, hence, quite economic over the long term.

Quartz Countertops – are valuable and can be highly useful to homeowners. Such countertops cost a lot of money to install. To learn more, visit our website.

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