Benefits of visiting an emergency Dentist in Chicago after a Child is Injured

Whenever a child injures themselves while at play or while participating in a sporting event, his or her parents will naturally become very worried and want to ensure their child is properly cared for as quickly as possible. While this can be particularly essential when they have suffered trauma of any type, it can also occur when the incident results in one of their permanent teeth being knocked out of their mouth. In such situations, it can be just as important for the child to be rushed to an emergency dentist in Chicago.

Before the parents take their child to an emergency dentist, they first need to ensure the child is not suffering any other types of injuries. If a child has head trauma or any other issues, they will need to go to the emergency room of the closest hospital before they see a dentist. However, if the child is in good shape other than the dislocated tooth, the parents will need to take them to a dentist as quickly as possible.

It is important first for any bleeding to be stopped by placing pressure to the area bleeding in the child’s mouth. Next, the lost tooth will need to be located. When finding the tooth, only the chewing edge should be touched and the tooth will need to be transported to the dentist in a way it can stay hydrated. Keeping the tooth hydrated during a short trip will give the dentist the best hope at saving the tooth.

In some cases, a first aid kit will have a special container along with special liquid to keep the tooth hydrated during the transportation and this can be a good choice for the process. If this is not possible, milk or saliva in a cup will work as well. However, if these options are not possible, the tooth can even be placed back in its spot in the child’s mouth. This will keep it moist and if the child can tolerate it, it can be a good choice.

Upon arriving at the dentist’s office, he or she will first need to double check the condition of the child. If the emergency dentist in Chicago notices anything amiss in the child’s overall condition, he or she will have the parents take the child to the emergency room immediately. Browse the site for more information.

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