Bespoke kitchens: are they really?

In the kitchen industry, the word bespoke has become an overused term. The definition of the word "bespoke" has its root in the verb, "to bespeak," which takes on the meaning, to discuss beforehand. When the word had a special connotation was when it was used in discussions between a tailor and his customer, quite obviously, it was necessary to discuss in advance what the customer wanted. At that time, the word was not associated with bespoke kitchens in Broxbourne.

An updated definition of the word suggests that it is something that is made for a particular person; it can be used when defining furniture, clothing or computer software.

The word began to lose its glamour in 2008 when a group of tailors on Savile Row in Mayfair tried to have the word removed from advertisements by a company making suits where the material was cut by computer aided equipment rather than with scissors. The complaint was rejected, it was determined that the term bespoke applied just as much to a made to measure suit as it applied to hand-made suit. With this definition in mind, you can see how bespoke kitchens in Broxbourne can be made using standard products.

There are manufacturers who use standard doors and carcasses and simply mix and match to suit what the customer wants. They will attempt to justify their use of the word by saying that they are giving their customer a unique finished product. If their argument is to be believed, then it’s safe to say that every kitchen is bespoke.

Bespoke kitchens in Broxbourne can have made to measure components; they can have carcasses specifically made to suit standard doors or unique doors can be produced to suit standard carcasses. This is a step up from everything being standard as they really are custom made to suit the installation and customer. These kitchens would probably pass the acid test for the word bespoke. To the purist, they are still not bespoke; the purist believes that bespoke means more than “made to measure”, as with a suit, they believe the kitchen should be handmade.

So, to the purist, what are bespoke kitchens Broxbourne? To be bespoke, at the least the doors, accessories and cabinets are made for the installation, a company that makes bespoke kitchen does not have a range of products because by definition, to have a range means they must be pre-designed. A company that makes bespoke kitchens makes everything from the ground up, including the design. A fitted kitchen will use more or less standard units and fit them as best they can into an existing room; a bespoke kitchen is one where the room is fitted with custom designed, produced and installed cabinets, doors and hardware.

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