Body Painting Chicago for a Special Event

Get ready to impress everyone at your next event by hiring a body painting service. Body painting has a unique flair to it and always gets people into a partying mood. Booking body painting services in the Chicago area is easy.   Body painting  is commonly used for parties, corporate events and special occasions. No matter how many models you have wandering around your party, you can bet they will infuse a lively buzz into the atmosphere. Take a look at some of the ways people are using body
painting today:

Promotional Events

Body painting is a very popular option for promotional events. Have your models painted in your corporate colors or in a way that promotes your newest product. It’s a very unique and effective branding strategy that not many people are using. Both potential and current clients will be amazed at the attention to detail that you have put into your body painting designs. This fabulous promotional strategy is sure to bring in new business for years to come.
Halloween Parties

Body paint is the perfect way to spice up the mood the next time you decide to throw a Halloween party. Body paint artists are able to create just about any character that you can imagine for your Halloween costume. Choose from classic Halloween themes like ghosts and goblins. Most body painting services can recreate characters from popular movies and TV shows as well, so feel free to ask! You can also ask your body paint artist to come up with a theme for the event and have everyone in matching paint costumes. A few sexy models covered in matching body paint will make your guests’ jaws drop wide open!


Many body painting services take on apprentices that are eager to learn the tricks of the trade. A normal apprenticeship can take anywhere from six months to one year. During this time, the apprentice will work with the body painting team to learn the techniques that will make body paint look realistic on the human form. Apprentices will sometimes be able to work gigs with the body painting team and can often earn a spot with the team following their training. This is a great way to learn how to network and work with clients who are after this alternative form of marketing for their company.

Make your party a moment to remember with the body painting services available through We strive to make your event something worth talking about with our body painting services.

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