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God has been the most creative artist in the whole universe. He has have the power to cerate beings and extend life to them so this is the reason why His creations are so well though of. Several spiritual leaders have cited it that they can not even go through any thing that harms any individual in any way. They say that serving making along with protecting the nature will let you reach Him quicker and will attach us with Him as well. Thus we should extend our calmer side and not put harm to the animals. The peaceful coexistence between them is best portrayed with the help of the jungle safaris that are carried out in the various parts of the world. The jungle is the actual place where the animals and plants should be studied rather than caging them and testing on them. Keeping them locked and carrying out scientific experiments will aggravate the situation even more and thus they will get no information what so ever. Thus the safaris help you to find the maximum information that one needs from the balance in nature. There are many who just go on to take the safaris just for the pleasure of exploring nature and thus this is the reason why they go on booking them selves some of the best safaris in the world. The Kenya safaris should be mentioned here especially as they have a rich flora and fauna along with the most interesting bio diversity. All of this helps the people to connect with nature in a wider aspect and get the maximum benefit to them selves. These safaris actually help the people learn about the wild methods of different animals and thus assume their habitat accordingly. Thus you get the maximum satisfaction after undertaking a safari yourself.


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