Benefits Of An Emergency Clinic

Many people are surprised to learn that they have options other than going directly to the hospital when they are injured or ill. While some people are able to schedule a prompt appointment with their primary care doctor, this is becoming less and less common. More often than not, people visit the emergency room, even with smaller emergencies such as sprained ankles, cuts, and bruises. If you are looking for a less expensive and perhaps even more convenient alternative, you may want to consider going to an emergency doctor Long Island clinic. At an emergency clinic, you are able to get great care, without many of the disadvantages that await you at the emergency room.

An urgent care clinic is open seven days a week, so you can visit with a certified emergency doctor Long Island specialist without an appointment. Because this type of clinic is open every single day of the year, even on weekends and holidays, you can receive treatment when you need it most. In a way, an urgent care clinic is somewhat like a hybrid between the emergency room and the doctor’s office. This type of clinic is staffed with board certified emergency doctor Long Island specialists that are able to treat a variety of injuries and illnesses on a walk in basis. Often, people find that their wait time is significantly less when they visit an emergency care clinic than when they visit the emergency room.

If you are considering visiting and emergency care clinic, it is important that you know what types of injuries or illnesses can be treated in this type of facility. Interestingly, many of the most common ailments that motivate people to go to the emergency room can actually be cared for in an urgent care clinic. Sprained ankles, strained muscles, and fractured bones can all be treated in this clinic. Also, doctors in these clinics can take x-rays, put in stitches or sutures, and care for those who have coughs, colds, urinary tract infections, and other types of illnesses.

You can expect prompt and friendly service at an emergency care clinic. Not only are the doctors able to treat adults, but they can also treat children and people with disabilities. If you have an emergency that is not life threatening, visiting an emergency doctor at an urgent care clinic is an excellent option.

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