Car Accidents likely to cause disputes which require Accident Attorney

In Miami, there are no traffic laws prohibiting texting or calling while driving. However, the distraction of using the cell phone while driving can cause an accident. Therefore, even if there are not prohibitions on texting, you can be held liable for the damages to the other driver’s car and the physical injuries that he may sustain. Take note that individuals who sustain serious injuries during a traffic accident which is not through their own fault will typically access the services of an accident attorney in Miami to gain rightful compensation.
All too often, drivers become party to accidents due to poor visibility as a result of unfavorable weather conditions, DIU, fatigue, or simply pure recklessness without due regard for the safety of other drivers. There are also instances when the accident is caused by negligence to provide proper maintenance to the vehicle. When the tires start to lose its tread, replacement is necessary to make the car road worthy. Road signs are visible along major roads and streets and it is important to take notice of the warnings to assure safety.

Nobody wants to be involved in an accident. If you have been injured in an accident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention especially if the injuries are serious enough to require surgery and hospitalization to be able to claim the maximum PIP (Personal Injury Protection) amount regardless of who is responsible for the accident. The person responsible for the accident is liable to pay for the damages to your property including the medical bills that you will incur while recovering from the injuries. Since it is most likely that the other driver has car insurance, expect the insurance adjusters to meet with you to discuss compensation. If you feel  that the offer is not enough for all the damages and suffering incurred, consult with an accident attorney in Miami for legal representation.

Very often, investigations follow after an accident to determine which party is really responsible. If you have not been seriously injured, make sure to take photographs for evidence and request for the names and contact information of the witnesses. You will never know when you will have a need for all these information. Once you are questioned by the police, make sure of the presence of your accident attorney to protect your legal rights as a citizen. Whatever you say is of public record and may be taken against you by the insurance companies. Never allow them to gain the upper hand in the negotiations for the accident claims.
It can be challenging to recover after an accident especially if the damages paid are not enough for your full recovery. Miami laws on compensation for accident victims are complex enough to understand which requires the knowledge and experience of an accident attorney. Make sure you know all these options before accepting the settlement offered by insurance companies. More than ever, these new Miami laws make legal representation more important in order to be properly compensated for any damages, physical injuries, and time lost from work.

Miami laws on compensation for accident victims are complex enough to understand which requires the knowledge and experience of an accident attorney Miami. For more information, visit today!

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