Carrier Columbus – America’s Most Popular Heating System

If you are thinking of replacing your current heating system or purchasing a new system, you ought to seek advice from professionals in the field. Visit your local hardware store or call your plumber or local heating repair company for advice. It is more than likely that you will be advised to purchase a Carrier Columbus heating system.

Carrier is probably one of the most common names in the indoor heating industry. There is good reason for this. Did you know that the first air conditioning system was invented in 1902? Did you know that the inventor of the air conditioner was none other than Willis Carrier? Willis Carrier then set up a company to manufacture and distribute Carrier heating systems. The company has been running for more than 100 years now.

One would expect a company set up over a century ago to collapse under the pressures of a highly competitive modern production market. However, Carrier has continued to be one of the most trusted names in indoor weather technology. This company pioneered the field and continues to take the lead in advancing air conditioning and indoor heating technology.

There are many reasons that the company continues to lead the pack in an industry that it pioneered more than a century ago. Top most amongst these reasons is their investment in product research and development. The company is always introducing better and more efficient products in the market. Therefore, new products to suit the tastes and preferences of modern living are being introduced regularly.

In addition to this, Carrier Columbus offers only the best in quality when it comes to their products. The products are tested as well as the production processes. This ensures that you get the best quality out of your heating system. This attention to detail also means that you will purchase a system that is very reliable and durable. The heating systems are known to exceed the industry’s reliability standards by more than six times.

When you purchase a carrier system, you can expect it to include the following features. The systems include a heat pump. These heat pumps act as air conditioning systems as well as heat the home. They are often used in combination with a gas furnace and therefore increase the efficiency of the heating system. You will therefore have a cost efficient system.

The systems come with a furnace. The furnace can be oil or gas fueled. Although the systems are efficient, it is important to check the ratings before you purchase the system. This will ensure that you purchase the right sized furnace for your home.
The systems also include fan coils and a boiler. Coils on these systems are designed to last longer as well as work more efficiently.

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable heating system, Carrier Columbus is exactly what you need. You can visit for more detailed information.

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