Cash For Gold: What to Look for in Jacksonville’s Gold Buyers

Are you looking turn valuables into cash? Consider this your guide for gold selling in Jacksonville!

Figure Out What You Have to Sell

Cash for gold in Jacksonville FL can take many different forms. You might have some old necklaces, for example, that can be sold to a jeweler. You might have a coin collection that can be traded or gold trinkets that would be of interest to a pawn or antique shop. Before you contact any business specifically, figure out what you have.

Be Realistic About Value

Many people overestimate the value of their gold. Unless you have pure gold bars that can be weighed to the exact gram, there’s going to be a subjective element to how much they’re worth, especially if they require labor to melt or extract the gold from other metals. Depending on the buyer, they may or may not allow negotiation after the price that they quote you, too.

Get a Second Opinion

Last but certainly not least, get a second opinion before you sell your valuables. You won’t be able to buy them back once your transaction is complete. Ask around; read online reviews for the gold buyer; check and see if they’ve been verified by any official agencies like the Better Business Bureau. You’ll want to be fully confident that you’ve found a buyer you can trust.

Maybe you’re in debt. Maybe you’re just looking to make a little money off the odds and ends that you found in the attic. Whatever your reasons for wanting cash for gold in Jacksonville FL, reach out to Premier Jewelers.

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