CCTV Surveillance Systems Can Provide Live Streaming Video For Home Or Work

Homeowners and business owners alike are taking greater advantage of technology for monitoring activity at their home or business.  CCTV surveillance systems in Waukesha, WI are more popular than ever for providing better security and keeping track of what’s going on at home or work when you’re not there.  CCTV stands for close circuit television.  Video cameras record live footage which can be recorded by your DVR or other storage device, or watched live as streaming video that can be accessed by a website or with an app on your smart phone.  CCTV surveillance systems in Waukesha, WI can consist of one single camera and one recording device, or be made up of several cameras with multiple recording devices.  Cameras can be installed either externally or internally, be static or roving, be connected to a security monitoring system or act independently.   There are a variety of camera types and video resolution options available, making video monitoring affordable for nearly every budget.

Home CCTV surveillance systems in Waukesha, WI have grown in popularity as people use them for everything from security to nanny cams.  With live streaming video options, you can keep a window open on your computer displaying activity at your home while you are at work or on the go.  Security systems designed with video surveillance can send alerts to your phone or e-mail if an alarm is triggered.  Live video footage means that you can determine if there is an actual security breach or if the alarm was accidentally triggered.  It gives you more time in an emergency to contact authorities and protect your family, your home, and your belongings.  Home use has also become more popular for monitoring children who are home alone or monitoring care givers.  It can also give you great insight into the antics of your pets when you’re not around to see what they’re up to.  

CCTV surveillance can be crucial for businesses.  It can provide additional security, reduce the risk of theft and accidents, and be integrated with other systems to control access to restricted areas and monitor employee performance.   Video can provide solid evidence in Worker’s Compensation cases and workplace accidents.  It can also help management determine how to improve production and increase productivity.  Having a CCTV surveillance system in place can increase security by offering greater monitoring capabilities that can cover more area than a single person can.  Cameras can be placed in as many areas as you like to provide 24 hour coverage.  Security systems can integrate camera control from a central location that gives you the ability to tilt and zoom cameras and even have full audio so you can both see and speak with someone at the other end from the security of a control room.

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