Challenge: Spend Next Weekend Outdoors!

by | Mar 29, 2012 | Sports and Games

Outdoor activity in Colorado, such as Vail rafting or hiking, can improve your health and your overall sense of well-being. Many experts are advocating increasing outdoor recreation in order to combat issues like stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Too many of us spend long hours cooped up inside offices (some windowless) with little interaction with the outdoors. It’s no wonder that depression is at an all-time high among working Americans.  Spending time in the outdoors has a very positive effect on human beings, and unfortunately, more and more Americans are spending less and less time outside.  

Make your next vacation or weekend an outdoor one. Participating in outdoor activities, such as Vail rafting on the Colorado or Eagle rivers, isn’t an indulgence—it’s a necessity! Spending time in the outdoors has psychological benefits on most human beings. For example, outdoor physical activity results in the prevention or reduction of stress. It also improves self-confidence and self esteem and encourages a positive attitude and outlook on life.  Furthermore, participating in activities outside, especially physical activity, is exhilarating … it gives us a sense of adventure and increases our interest in challenges and allows us to grow spiritually and intellectually.

In addition to the mental improvement outdoor activity has in our lives, there is also physical improvement.  Individuals generally do not participate in physical activity indoors unless they spend time in a gym. Most outdoor activity involves physical exertion to some degree. Going outdoors provides most of us many physical benefits, such as improving the cardiovascular system and increasing muscular fitness. Physical activity, especially cardiovascular activity, results in strengthening of our immune systems, as well, allowing our bodies greater chances to ward off infectious diseases.  

People who participate in outdoor activities, such as team sports or hiking or kayaking or Vail rafting tend to have more social interaction. Human beings are social animals, and everyone, even introverts, benefit greatly from social interaction. Vail rafting excursions involve large groups of people and rely on teamwork to complete rafting trips.  Other outdoor activities encourage just as much social interaction and provide just as much stimuli to those who indulge in them.  

Finally, outdoor activity results in a stronger economy and a healthier outdoor environment, as people who participate in outdoor activities tend to be more environmentally aware. When you think about it, if you spend more time in the outdoor environment, chances are that you will be more careful to keep it healthy and be more aware of how precious it is. This leads to increased preservation of our natural areas which, in turn, may lead to increased property values. Finally, people who are healthier and more physically active tend to be more productive at work because they feel better and their brains function better. The next time you have time off, strongly consider spending your time outdoors. You’ll be glad you did.

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