Choose from These Four Popular Styles of Wedding Rings in Naples FL

Wedding rings come in a variety of styles. There’s more to consider than just the type of metal for the band and the type of stone. If you want to find something that matches your personality and is unique from the others, here are four styles of wedding rings in Naples FL to consider.

Vintage Wedding Rings
Going vintage is definitely one of the trends in recent years. People are going for the older look with their wedding rings and other accessories. Vintage rings often have Old European round cuts on them that are reminiscent of a few centuries ago. Some of the other features that give wedding rings a vintage appearance include tiny half-point diamonds, scroll-like engraving and beaded edges that are raised off the metal. Your jeweler can help you find vintage-style wedding rings in Naples FL if that’s the style you are looking for.

Stacked Bands
Many brides are choosing to go with the look of stacked bands on the ring finger. This style is exactly what it sounds like – having two, three, or even four wedding bands on top of each other on the finger. These are usually eternity bands, or bands that have stones included all the way around the ring. Some people choose to get several rings all at once for this style. Others prefer to add a ring to their “stack” every time they get a new one. It can be a great way to commemorate an anniversary or some other special event by adding a new ring to the ones you already have on your finger.

Pave Diamonds
One of the trends of wedding rings in Naples FL is the pave style. With this type of setting, the diamonds (or whichever stones you choose to use) are placed very close together. In fact, they are so close that the metal that surrounds the stones simply isn’t visible to the naked eye. It’s almost as if the metal has been “paved” with stones or diamonds. It’s not unusual to have pave stones put into yellow gold, white gold and even platinum settings.

Colored Stones
Colors are a new trend when discussing wedding rings in recent years. Many brides aren’t asking for the traditional diamond that most brides would like. Instead, they are opting for something more colorful, like a pink or blue sapphire. Even for those who want to have a diamond, light pink diamonds, canary yellow diamonds and other colors are becoming more and more popular. It’s a great way to be unique and make a stylish statement at the same time.

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