Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding

You can always get help in organizing your wedding and hire a banquet center to help with wedding reception arrangements for your wedding in Warren, MI. However, there is something you must do yourself. You must choose your wedding theme. A wedding theme sets the mood for the whole event. It can involve music, decorations, colors and even the food you serve at your wedding reception. Here are some considerations for choosing a theme for your wedding.

1. Colors – Colors will play a very important role in your wedding reception in Warren, MI. Your bridesmaids, maid of honor, groom, groomsmen, ushers, ring bearers, and other wedding party members will wear clothing based on the colors you choose – so choose carefully. You do not have to let anyone dictate to you what colors you can or cannot use. This is your special day. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to pick colors that will clash when seen together or that your wedding party may feel uncomfortable wearing. Your decorations will also likely be coordinated to incorporate the colors you choose for your wedding.

2. Time Period Themes – It is not necessary to pick a time period theme for your wedding, but it perfectly acceptable if you choose to do so. You could choose an elegant Victorian-style theme, 70s retro, or perhaps a charming country theme. The choice is yours and should display your own personality. Of course, getting input from the groom is always essential, as this is his special day too.

3. Culture Themes – If you or your soon-to-be spouse wish to, you can incorporate your culture into your wedding theme. Asian, African, Indian, or just about any culture theme can be incorporated into a wedding. If you are using a culture theme, you will choose colors and decorations related to a specific culture. Culture-themed weddings can be very bright and colorful and add a very special touch to your wedding day.

4. Seasonal Wedding Themes – Another popular theme for weddings is a seasonal theme. For spring weddings, you can use fresh spring flowers to go along with your spring color theme. Autumn themes typically use the rich brown, red, and orange shades of leaves. Summer weddings can use bright, cheery color themes. Of course, if you are getting married in the winter, a “Winter Wonderland” theme is always an excellent choice.

Once you choose a theme for your wedding, you will still need help with the reception in Warren, MI. You can spend long hard hours doing the work yourself or you can hire a professional banquet service to help. A banquet center has all the resources at their fingertips to make your wedding reception a success and the prices are more affordable than you might think. You should contact the banquet service well in advance of your wedding date to make sure all the arrangements go off without a hitch.



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