Choosing Between Window Repair or Window Replacement Grand Rapids MI

When the time comes to choose between whether or not you should get window repair and window replacement in Grand Rapids MI, you need to know some basic things to watch out for. If you can save your current windows without having to replace them right away, you’re saving yourself money. However, if the window repair Grand Rapids MI is not going to be a sure fix, then you might want to think about splurging on the new windows. The price for window replacement Grand Rapids MI has recently decreased due to the new way that the windows are produced allowing the companies to save money and reduce the selling price for consumers. Once you go through the list of things to watch out for, if you can cross of three to four or even more of these items than you might want to think about replacing these windows rather than going with a repair.

Checklist of Problems

Excessive amount of water leaking in through the windows

Rotting or broken mun-tins which are the middle sections holding all of the pieces of glass together

Broken or even small cracks in the glass of the window

Missing putty throughout the window

Missing, cracked, or broken window panes or trim around the windows

The sash on the top or bottom of the window is unable to be moved

The weather stripping on the bottom or top of the window is missing, broken, or damaged

Loose glass pieces throughout the window

The windows are old and outdated

There is a draft coming through the window panes, even when it is sealed and locked

Once you go through this checklist, and you find that you have a few or many of these problems then replacing the windows might be in your best interest. You can also speak with a professional that can give you a second opinion on what you should do to repair or replace the windows in question. This will allow you to also get an estimate of the costs associated with fixing the windows in the home. Not only can you keep heat and air conditioning in your home with new windows, but your electricity bills can be decreased due to the more efficient new windows.

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